Q. How often can I use the CorEvolution?

A. The CorEvolution can be safely used every day. Though that may be the case, we suggest following the enclosed routine. 5 minutes a day, 3 days per week is all you need to get amazing results.

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Q. When will my back start feeling better?

A. We have had people notice a significant difference in pressure relief and range of motion after just one use.  This will depend greatly on your current fitness and level of lower back dysfunction.

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Q. What else should I do to improve my results?

A. Your back will begin feeling better just by using the CorEvolution. Of course, proper nutrition and consistent exercise will not only get you faster results, but will improve your quality of life.

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Q. I am pregnant. Is it okay to use the CorEvolution?

A. NO.  You should not use the CorEvolution if you are pregnant. But beforehand, the CorEvolution is excellent for those who are planning to get pregnant or those who begin to exercise after pregnancy.  If you use the CorEvolution before pregnancy, the common lower back pains you get from pregnancy weight gain will be much less significant.  Also, after you give birth, your abdominals will get stronger faster, your hips and thighs will tone up and the back pain you had during pregnancy will disappear much faster.

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Q. I just had back surgery. Should I be using the CorEvolution?

A. We at Evolve strongly suggest that you see your doctor before starting
ANY exercise program. But the CorEvolution Exercise is used all over the
US in pain centers, physical therapy and chiropractic clinics to
rehabilitate low back dysfunction.

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Q. I have never exercised before.  Will I be able to use the CorEvolution?

A. Of course! The CorEvolution is easy to use and the range of motion needed will increase as you get stronger and more flexible.  After the first couple uses, correctly using the CorEvolution will become second nature.

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Q. What is the maximum weight capacity of the CorEvolution?

350 lbs.

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Q. Is the CorEvolution easily stored?

Yes. The CorEvolution’s ingenious design allows it to be stored against a wall, in a closet or under a bed.

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Q. What makes the CorEvolution different than other abdominal machines?

A. Almost all “ab-machines” work on the belief that “crunching” is the best way to develop great abs. In reality, the best way is to flex the abdominals to make them strong while eating right and exercising to make them show. Also, the CorEvolution works the entire abdominal cavity, puts no pressure on the neck, tones the hips, butt and thighs, stretches tight hamstrings and rehabilitates lower back dysfunction.  That’s a big difference!

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Q. Will the CorEvolution help my golf game?

A. ABSOLUTELY!  Not only will you drive the ball and hit irons with greater distance and accuracy, you will avoid lower back issues that plague most recreational golfers. Also, as the back, legs, hips and core become stronger, the quality of your overall game will improve.

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Q. Do I have to put anything together?


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Q. What if I need help using the CorEvolution or have questions?

A. We have included an instruction manual that you should review before attempting to use the CorEvolution. A great thing about it is that with basic movement, you can work so many problem areas on your body.  By just arching the back, flexing your glutes and pushing out your abdominals, you can work your entire core. But if you have questions or problems, feel free to contact the Customer Service Department at (800) 601-7091.

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Q. Does the CorEvolution have a warranty?

A. Yes. The CorEvolution is built to last and has very few moving parts, so it is not susceptible to defects, but we have included a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty to replace or repair any CorEvolution that malfunctions because of manufacturer defects.

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Q. Can I try the CorEvolution before I buy it?

A. Yes. We offer a 30-day in home trial.  If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, simply contact our Customer Service department at (800) 601-7091 for instructions on how to return the product.


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The CorEvolution redevelops and strengthens the muscles that reduce pressure and stress on the low back. The CorEvolution is not intended for any other medical purpose. Be sure to consult your physician before starting this or any other fitness program.




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